The winter of Malph 2014-15 is number 35 and has a definite theme: the COSMO. The latest dark trends inspire a series of space images, moon, galactic, UFO thematic of extraterrestrials explorations. The fabrics in dark colors are contrasted by the explosion of prints, over embroideries and applications that affect over and ignite the imagination as in the early ’50s space comics. Minimal Fits alternate with Over Fits with more experimental specific forms. Malph is search, courage to draw simple shapes and elements on basic items such as tshirt or sweatshirt and make them different.


An example? Malph captures from the sky two stars made by technical nylon that on the sweatshirt skim over and create a movement of black&colors geometric shapes. The more minimal alternative is the nylon star placed on the shoulders: it’easy to see the similarity with the spacesuits of StarTrek. And again, printed Falling Stars that from the neck down along the fabric creating an explosive and bright falling effect. Finally, a huge star in fabric will surprise for the winding, futuristic fit and for the intuitive easy to cut off exactly the form.


Malph plays with shapes that affect the fit of the garments: the women over tshirt with a circular shape of the Full Moon is an example. Or the round sweatshirt with a Moon Slice print on the side, new and unusual concept that with the black&white offset of the craters creates striking contrasts. The moon is printed on the top of the sweatshirt, creating an alternation of light and shade between the fabric and the print, referring to the bi-color trend of recent times. Or even the Moon Phases – from Bananamoon to Fullmoon – go to marry the classic pois: the result is a textured elegant and sophisticated tshirt. A graphic inspired by the Maya Calendars with the Moon still the protagonist closes the circle of the winter tees, so transversal that it can be worn cross under a basic or a rock jacket. Last but not least also the evergreen Balloon is inspired by the Cosmo: it is a moon that with the usual rope, has the difficult task of taking-on the heavy Universe.


Malph embroiders Jupiter in the outline using the technique of Embroidery Quilt: the effect is an invasion of allover planets that dominate the fabric of the sleeves and adorn the head.


Mars Attack is the movie inspiration. Dozens of UFOs “V” embroidered recall the ’50s sweaters and give the impression of an alien invasion with a vintage taste. The zip sweatshirt has a “Mother Spacecraft” embroidered on the back that, with different Technical Nylon, seems to capture with the stream that falls from the spaceship. In the 70’s the first computers made crazy the kids with the Space Invaders game that later will became cult. Malph combines those early technological beginnings with the tradition of the so-called Mountain sweater: the special Crack Print – that will crack after a few washes – is perfectly suited to look like Wool; the choice of neck Dolcevita and the black&white texture create a movement typical of the small spaceships committed to fend and to destroy the enemies.

For more information contact: press@malph.it


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